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Luusa R1 500 Pro Tricycle for Kids - Hooded, Adjustable, and Safe

Luusa R1 500 Pro Tricycle for Kids - Hooded, Adjustable, and Safe

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Luusa R1 Pro Tricycle for kids is the ultimate blend of fun, safety, and convenience for your children adventures. This feature-packed baby cycle comes equipped with an array of functions designed to ensure both your child's joy and your peace of mind.

Key Features:

Hooded Tricycle: The Luusa R1 Pro comes with a foldable hood, providing shade and protection from light rain during your child's rides.

Adjustable Parent Handle: Customize the handle's height for a comfortable grip while pushing your child.

Plug and Play: No complicated assembly is required.

Cushion Seat: Ensures a comfy and enjoyable ride for your child.

Rail Gaurd for Safety: A rail guard prevents accidental falls and adds extra layer of safety.

Seat Belt: Keep your child securely in place during their adventure.

Front and Back Baskets: Conveniant storage for toys, snacks, and essentials.

Adjustable Footrest: Adapt the footrest to accommodate your child's growing legs.

Convertable Hood: The foldable hood makes it stroller- tricycle combo, allowing your child to face various directions.

Cycle For Kids 1-Years-Olds & 2 Years-Olds: Discover the Perfect tricycle for kids aged 1 year and 2 years. Safety and fun combined in one.

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